Rothco GI Type Mosquito Head Net


Rothco’s Military Style Type Mosquito Head Net provides superior protection against insects while camping, hiking, or during other outdoor activities. The Mesh drape net provides facial and neck protection from mosquitoes especially (including the species that transmits the zika virus). The protective top covers the base of your head with solid cotton material. Bug net features a hoop ring to ensure the netting keeps away from your face for proper protection and comfort. Includes a bottom tie for extra security to keep bugs out. A must-have item for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without the pesky or dangerous bug bites!

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Mesh Drape Mosquito Head Net Provides Facial And Neck Protection From Insects Such As Mosquitoes (Including The Species That Transmits The Zika Virus)
Protective Top Covers The Base Of Your Head With A Solid Cotton Material
Outstanding Protection Against All Bugs While Camping, Hiking, Or Spending Time In The Woods Especially During The Summer Months
Bug Net Features A Hoop Ring To Ensure The Netting Keeps Away From Your Face For Proper Protection And Comfort
Bottom Tie For Extra Security To Keep Bugs Out
A Must-Have Item for Those Who Want To Enjoy The Outdoors Without The Pesky Or Dangerous Bug Bites.


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Rothco GI Type Mosquito Head Net

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