Big Foot Tools Head Cutter


Turn Your Chainsaw into a Giant Precision Cutting Tool
This powder-coated aluminum base plate guides your chainsaw effortlessly for precision cuts with an unobstructed view of the chain. The built-in guide fence keeps you on track whether you’re cutting Glu-lams, Mirc-lams, TJI joists, landscaping lumber, or virtually any other large structural materials. Easily follow a snap-line or scribed arc or go freehand with the Head Cutter XL, which features a built-in handle. Both are laterally and angularly adjustable with a steel clamping block that won’t fail.

Full 75º adjustment of the plate
Two sizes for Standard and XL jobs
Built-in guide fence
One-year warranty
16″ x 10” Standard Size OR 20″ x 14” XL base plate for superior stability
Will accommodate chainsaw bars 2” – 6” wide
The XL version features a built-in handle for better control and support


The Perfect Angle Every time
Struggling with slower and less accurate methods of cutting lumber with a chainsaw limits your productivity and can even affect your finished results. Get the perfect angle every time with an innovative tool that surpasses the capabilities of all common portable circular saws or freehand cutting with a chainsaw. This patented design makes even the most difficult cuts fast and easy. When your cuts need to be perfectly square or any angle up to 75º, this tool is a framer’s dream. Just clamp the Big Foot Head Cutter to any chainsaw with a 14” to 44″ bar to turn it into a giant precision cutting tool in seconds.




1 review for Big Foot Tools Head Cutter

  1. practicalsurvival_admin

    This is an excellent tool. I bought this tool for timber framing. A very good alternative to a timber framing saw and much less expensive. The angles are very precise and there’s no need for cleanup with a belt sander. The cuts are good as is for finishing work. It takes a little bit to get used to, and you must work with a guide. The only modification I’ve made is I placed a handle on the table furthest from the angle adjuster.
    – Trudy

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Big Foot Tools Head Cutter

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