4 Reasons Your Footwear Should Protect Your Feet at Work

All over the World, the legislations are drafting a series of more significant protection rules and regulations and these now also include the mandatory wear of safety shoes for all the employees. This step was taken formally to an estimation that worldwide around 25% of disability applications are due to injured feet. Other than people working in extremely hazardous environments, unfortunate events can occur pretty much anywhere. Along with martial and industrial sectors, other industries that should consider safety shoes mandatory includes: manufacturing and assembling factories of furniture and other products, the forestry and fishing sector, testing labs, mechanical industry, etc.

Why Should You Wear Safety Shoes Regardless?

It may be a while till mandatory safety shoe regulation worldwide is passed and the companies including many individuals are oblivious and reluctant about the safety shoe needs. Here are a few reasons why you should wear safety shoes even without mandatory state regulation.

The lawsuit addressed at the company:

Some of the foot injuries may result in fatal conditions. Many labor industries are not in a position to allow employment of even slightly disabled individuals including even a limb. Working in unsuitable and life-threatening conditions the employees are qualified to file a lawsuit against the company for compensations of the damages. In the worst circumstances, this scenario can cost the company a fair amount of revenue and also its reputation. According to public liability law, you are responsible for the individuals within your company premises. To prevent such scenarios, safety gear should be mandatory.

Reduce Foot Injury Risk By 60%:

Caution is better than the cure is an absolute truth here just by simply changing your footwear companies and individuals can reduce the risk of foot injuries and accidents by 60%. It will not only save the individuals from the exaggerated medical cost but also the pain and inconvenience of the injury. Many foot injuries can leave sacred and unhealed tissues and turn into trigger points, which produce pain in different areas of the body. Safety shoes also reduce the risk of electric shocks.

Instant Toe Protection:

The thick sole and overall puncture-proof structure of the safety shoes/ boots provide instant protection from any fallen metallic and non-metallic element. It also protects the fragile bone joints in the foot. It will also protect your foot from heat and harmful sun rays. Safety boot and mid-cut boot provide you protection against several chemicals and molten metal sprays that can cause contamination and burns.


At work safety shoes can provide you comfort like no other footwear since it does not pressurize your toes in full-day hours wear. The slip-resistant composite lite all-weather boot will provide you with a good grip in all-weather situations and indoor floorings. It also provides greater efficiency in case of emergency. Protection and safety are the two obvious reasons why you should wear safety shoes at work. You can also wear these shoes on your outdoor adventures. If you are in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, or in pacific islands then head to the practical survival website and get the most affordable pair from the wide variety of safety shoes/ boots.

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